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God drew me to the event at Through the Flame Ministries in Oklahoma City this past weekend. God’s purpose was more than viewing the art of flagging but about demonstrating a path to incredible freedom and an exuberant expression of gifts and talents. Things I long for. I’ve never been much of a dancer… Fear set the boundaries of my existence. Hopelessness and fear have guarded my moves closely and I have been an obedient prisoner. God is changing those things for me. Lack of identity outside of what I do for others and feeling as though life has passed by had broken my heart. Tearfully and earnestly, I asked God where the deliverers were and for an experience that would make a difference in my life.

You spoke to me, laid hands on and the words still resonate and disturb my soul. You said, “Step out of the box, my sister.” 

It brings tears because I don’t know the territory outside the box but I know I must go. It is Jesus beckoning me out as to Peter and on that night you were sent as a deliverer as Moses...
I watched “Ensign”. I wasn’t watching it to learn to flag. I was watching it to behold the glory of God expressed through one of His children who had overcome great obstacles. It was like watching a video of Him because I could see His expression through your actions. I have an analytical mind that I must reign in sometimes when it comes to spiritual matters. There were no enticing words to analyze just His Glory.

When I walked in that church that night it was my first time there. I knew no one. I’d seen your picture because I saw the flyer and I’d seen the pastors’ faces. I walked in and there was no place to sit so I stood by the wall feeling a little insecure. A loving person came and took my hand, put a flag in it, taught me how to wave it and I did so all night. Even when I wanted to stop because my arm ached or the flag tangled or my legs muscles tinged…I continued. No one knows how out of the box I already was because being in the back in the shadows is where I am most comfortable. And then later that night that same lady came and took my hand and helped me skip around the church. Oh boy! Once was definitely enough. Unemployed, I don’t have to come out of my box very often at all and when I do my routes are carefully chosen. Holy Spirit has been drawing me out by spiritual hunger. It was the collective Presence of God I sought when I chose to attend the service that night. I know He is everywhere but I lack something regarding soaking in His Presence and prayer and I am in seeking mode.
The little child in me…is so lost or crippled. I had to smile at some of your expressions of freedom in service and with others that night. It wasn’t just funny at times but admirable.
I wanted to encourage you by sharing how blessed I was by the whole experience. Many find me unapproachable, fooled by the walls that I have constructed and leave me in my pit. The gifts are stirred! Thank you for your loving kindness.

GW ~ Oklahoma City

I am still blown away by Caleb’s session, not the testimony but how it was a vehicle for deliverance. People got set free, delivered, breakthrough. His obedience and yielding to the spirit set in motion the manifestation of the healing fire!!! This was an orchestration by our father. I now I will never be the same…

KL ~ Las Vegas

Thank you for bringing all this color and creativity into our lives. I believe you led an evening that was full of true and authentic worship even as you brought in through new forms.

SG ~ New Jersey

"I was speaking with a musician last night in San Francisco whose studio is located in a spiritually dark place and he couldn't seem to get a breakthrough in the atmosphere for years ... A young man came to the studio with a set of Caleb's flags and began to wave them, he began to release through the flags and this musician testified how this was the first time he ever felt the shift in the studio atmosphere ... He said the darkness was gone!"

Oceanside, CA

"Took my flags I made to vegas with me after anointing them with Tehila oil from Caleb. That was amazing.... so... I went to put them away tonite and they smelled totally different.... I picked them up and flagged all over my house and released some serious fragrance I tell ya....... Thank you Lord for getting my attention and Holy Spirit for prompting me to pray and declare tonite!!!"

Lisa Marie Ruggiero

​"The other day I was going through some stuff really it was a bad week. I was upstairs in my room and decided to take my flags out that I bought from Caleb and Flag. So I went down stairs and begin to flag. The Atmosphere of my house and the atmosphere over my problem begin to change. Thanks caleb for the flags you made me."